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Welcome to my blog and github repositories. Here you will find personal projects that I’m working on (and some that I am not!). Hopefully there will be something here of interest to someone. Some of these repositories are a work in progress, others may only be here for historical reasons so they don’t get lost for ever. Repositories that are in a usable state will be tagged for release.

tracetcp has moved to github

Posted: 3rd July 2014

tracetcp is a tool I wrote over 12 years ago to help me diagnose why I could not remote desktop to my home PC from work. It’s lived on Sourceforge this whole time and become moderately popular, getting several hundred downloads a month. tracetcp now has a new home on Github, as I want to host all my projects in one place.

I’ve got a few ideas for updates to tracetcp, so hopefully there will be a few new updates coming soon.

Checkout tracetcp here.