Traceroute utility that uses tcp syn packets to trace network routes.

System Requirements

You MUST install the winpcap library for this version to work. tracetcp has been tested with version 3.* and 4.* of this library.

Previous versions of tracetcp used raw sockets but Microsoft took out support for Raw TCP sockets in XP SP2, and as tracetcp uses this feature it caused it to stop working.

There is an article about this here that may be of interest here.

In order to allow the program to function with XP sp2 it now uses the winpcap library to send and receive packets. The downside of using this is that the program will not function over dial-up connections.

tracetcp has been tested on on Windows XP, Vista & 7. You must be logged on to the System as a user that has administrator rights to use tracetcp.

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Download the latest version of tracetcp here


You MUST install the winpcap library first. Just unzip the downloaded file and copy tracetcp.exe into a directory that is in you system PATH.

Revision History

version 1.0.3 24-11-2016

version 1.0.2 07-01-2016

version 1.0.1 05-01-2016

version 1.0.0 23-06-2014

version 0.99.4 beta 23-05-2005

version 0.99.3 beta 21-05-2005

version 0.99.2 beta 23-04-2004

version 0.99.1 beta 25-08-2003

version 0.99 beta 19-08-2003

version 0.90beta 21-07-2003